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Eliminating Clutter in NYC Homes – Organizing Solutions for Your Entry Area or Mudroom

A mudroom is ideal for stashing and managing shoes, boots, coats and bags.  But even if you’re not fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to this purpose (and many NYC homeowners aren’t), you can create an efficient drop zone (or landing pad/launching pad) near your home’s primary point of entry.  By starting with these… Continue Reading »

Organizing your Office in NYC is Key When on the Road

Whether it’s a day of back-to-back sales calls across NYC or a last-minute business trip, getting your work done when you’re away from your office can be challenging, but taking a few steps that help with organizing your office in NYC ahead of time can make your out-of-office time less disruptive and more productive.  Here… Continue Reading »

The Key to Organizing for Time Management in NYC – Say No

As we head into the Fall season, we often find increased requests for our time: volunteer needs, charity fundraisers and projects, and holiday events all compete for this precious commodity, emphasizing the need for good organizing and time management in NYC more than ever. And though these requests are often for worthwhile endeavors, we simply… Continue Reading »

Organizing Your Office in NYC for Disaster Preparedness

Just as preparing your home is a focus of National Preparedness Month, so is making sure that your NYC office organizing plan is in place so your business is ready to deal with disruptions caused by natural or man-made disasters. Disaster preparedness protects your business investment and gives your company a better chance for survival…. Continue Reading »

Organize Your NYC Home for National Preparedness Month

As September is National Preparedness Month, I would like to share some simple home organizing tips for getting your NYC home ready for an emergency.  The recent earthquake in the Northeast coupled with the beginning of hurricane season (Hurricane Irene is targeting the northeast coast as I write this) serve as good reminders of the… Continue Reading »

Procrastinating in NYC? Time Management Skills from Your NYC Professional Organizer Help

We have all been there.  Seated at our desk with a laundry list of tasks that need to be addressed but we just can’t seem to get started on that day’s top priority.  As we sit gazing at organizing solutions detailed in the task list in front of us, our much tested NYC organizing and… Continue Reading »