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Is this you? Excuses for not Eliminating Clutter in Your NYC home

eliminating clutter in nyc saves moneyEliminating clutter in NYC homes is especially essential as space is at more of a premium than it is in more suburban areas.  Clutter is distracting.  It can be overwhelming. It creates significant stress as it impacts your relationship with those close to you.  It prevents you from inviting guests to your home or scheduling meetings in your office.

Whether you work on eliminating the clutter in your NYC home or office yourself or seek the assistance of a Professional Organizer in New York,  the benefits of ridding your space of the excess papers, books, clothing, family mementos will be well worth the time spent on this project.  Your New York Professional Organizer will be the first to tell you that you will have peace of mind, be back in control of your space, be happier and have more time and energy to devote to pursuits that are of interest to you by tackling the piles.

When you view the items that are cluttering up your home of office, how many of these excuses come to mind immediately and prevent you from discarding or donating the excess items that are filling up your valuable space?

1.  It was expensive. Many of us have bought items that seemed like a great idea at the time (like that bicycle gathering dust) and still have them buried in the back of a closet. Or instead of repairing the broken vacuum cleaner we buy a new one.  However, we still have the old one as we fully intend on getting it fixed…one day.  When you start to add up the cost of all these items, the amount can be staggering but you can’t let the cost impede your ability to part with them.

2.  This (fill in the blank) is really important. Your collection of family memorabilia is important as there are both emotional and sentimental connections to the items that you have decided to keep. The issue is the size of the collection.  You not only have family heirlooms but your own possessions some of which mark your own achievements as well as those of your immediate and extended family. Consider reducing the size of the collection to those items that are of greatest value (keeping in mind that every item doesn’t have the same value) and give those items a place of honor in your home.

3.  I may need this in the future. While you may have be inclined to keep your entire wardrobe from 2001 when you were 30 pounds lighter, will you really wear those clothes if you could fit into them today?  The answer is probably No as styles as well as your physique has changed over time.  In any event, shouldn’t your motivation for losing weight be a shopping spree to buy new, stylish outfits that fit well and show off the new you?

4.  My 2 bedroom apartment is too small. Clutter will expand to fill all available space if you allow it to do so.  Before you make your next non-essential purchase, determine where you will store the item before handing over your credit card to the sales clerk.  If you don’t have a clear and available spot for that item, don’t buy it until you make room by discarding or donating items that are no longer valued or needed.

This Professional Organizer in New York highly recommends eliminating the clutter so that you can experience the benefits…once you have there will be no turning back.

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