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Spring Home Organizing Tips

There’s something about spring that makes us want to clean out and clear out. In spring we want to declutter! Maybe it’s the open windows, warmer air and sunshine that cast new light on all of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the cold winter months, just begging for spring decluttering. Take advantage of the urge… Continue Reading »

Is this you? Excuses for not Eliminating Clutter in Your NYC home

Eliminating clutter in NYC homes is especially essential as space is at more of a premium than it is in more suburban areas.  Clutter is distracting.  It can be overwhelming. It creates significant stress as it impacts your relationship with those close to you.  It prevents you from inviting guests to your home or scheduling… Continue Reading »

Eliminating Clutter from Your NYC Files, Calendar & To Do List

Clearing the excess stuff that clutters our furniture and fills our closets is important and a component of spring cleaning.  This is a  concept should be applied to the systems and processes that are utilized to keep the rest of our NYC homes and our offices organized and functioning efficiently.  Periodically assessing the systems in our NYC homes… Continue Reading »