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Maximize Your Time at Work This Summer

Managing the magical “work/life balance” is hard enough as it is, but it’s increasingly more difficult during the summer months. With the warmer weather and longer days, there are more opportunities for vacations, trips, and fun. But despite the weather, work still needs to be done. So how can you maximize your work day so you can enjoy more time with family and friends this summer? Here are some time management tips from this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

Utilize your calendar and to-do list. Nothing is worse than having to stay an extra hour or so at the end of your workday because you forgot about an upcoming deadline. Make it a priority to track what tasks you need to be working on and schedule everything into your calendar. This includes meetings and phone calls, too. When you can stick closely to your schedule, you won’t miss deadlines or skip any important steps… which means you can get out of work on time!

Maximize your breaks and lunch. If you find yourself in an office most of the day during the summer, it can feel a bit gloomy and frustrating. So take advantage of your breaks; get up, take a walk, and get your body moving. During lunch, try eating outside or leaving the office while you eat. Getting that mental break will help you come back to work more focused.

Practice your prioritizing. We’ve talked about time management here before, and shared various strategies to help you learn how to prioritize. This skill is essential during the summer months. By focusing on the most important tasks, and then scheduling out or delegating the rest, you’ll be able to get through your to-do list in a more efficient way.

Reorganize your week. Think about the tasks that you do in a given week and see how you can shift those to work for you this summer. If you want to get a head start on a weekend getaway, try scheduling your typical weekend chores and errands for earlier in the week. If you want to take a half day on Fridays, or even come into work later on Mondays, make sure that you are scheduling meetings and calls during another time period. The key here is scheduling – stick to a plan and you’ll be able to free up time.

With some preparation, planning, and scheduling, you can maximize your time this summer and enjoy the work/life balance that you crave. For more office organizing and time management strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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