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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Case Studies

As a Professional Office Organizer in NYC, clients seek my expertise to address a variety of organizing challenges. The issues range from managing an office move to support with organizing their cluttered work space to tackling their office paperwork to implementing time management strategies…all with the goal of improving productivity. Today I’m sharing two different case studies. Check out how I approached each situation, and then developed and implemented strategies that addressed my clients’ specific needs.

One challenge many clients face is organizing their supply closets. They quickly become a source of clutter as no longer needed items claim valuable space. Surplus supplies are stored haphazardly in containers that don’t work. A NYC PR and Event Agency came to me with this exact problem. As they were preparing for their office move, their closets needed an overhaul so that this pattern didn’t continue in their new space. Click here to read how I tackled this organizing challenge.

Another common situation is an overflowing (and overwhelming!) email inbox. With the volume of emails coming in to the average small business person’s inbox, it’s no surprise that many find it difficult to stay ahead of tidal wave of messages. Their biggest problem is that they lack a proper system for organizing their inbox which would help alleviate the stress and overwhelm. A NYC residential contracting company came to me for support with organizing their staff’s workspace and creating systems to effectively manage email. Click here to read more about the solutions that I recommended.

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