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Organizing Projects: How to Organize Your Handbag

All of the current quarantine and social distancing happening across the country due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) have many people looking for projects to do to vary how their time is spent at home. There’s probably a long list of organizing projects you’ve been putting off waiting until you had more time to get them… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer Case Study: Reorganizing After Office Move

An office move comes with many challenges, one of which is an uncertainty about how all of your company’s supplies will fit into the new space. I worked with a PR and event company who experienced this challenge, and needed my services to reorganized their shipping area, a vital part of their day-to-day business operation…. Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Case Studies

As a Professional Office Organizer in NYC, clients seek my expertise to address a variety of organizing challenges. The issues range from managing an office move to support with organizing their cluttered work space to tackling their office paperwork to implementing time management strategies…all with the goal of improving productivity. Today I’m sharing two different… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer Case Study – Creating a Productive Workspace

Like many of us, my client has a very full plate. She is a writer, is working on her master’s degree, and has 4 grown children plus a large extended family. As she is often pulled in numerous directions at the same time, maximizing her productivity is a daily objective so that all the relevant… Continue Reading »

Case Study: NYC Professional Office Organizer Manages Office Move

Moving is disruptive and especially so when it involves your office. You not only have the stress of making sure that all the “moving parts” are in sync but also need to keep your business running efficiently during this time. The solution? Hire a move project manager like The Organizing Zone to oversee all aspects… Continue Reading »