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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Tech Tools for Productivity

Staying productive at work is on everyone’s to-do list. By utilizing apps and programs designed to help you stay focused and organized at work, you can improve your productivity each day. Here are some of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s favorite tech tools to boost productivity.

Flipboard. If part of your job requires you to stay up-to- date on news and industry changes, then you need to utilize Flipboard. Instead of spending valuable work time reading through website after website, this app takes your favorite feeds and summarizes them. The best part? You only have to go to one place to read them, completely avoiding getting distracted while surfing the web.

IFTTT. This versatile app can be used in many ways to automate different aspects of your business, giving you more time to be productive. This program allows you to connect specific emails with different programs and create specific actions. IFTTT, or “If This Then That,” creates what they call recipes to trigger actions. You can set up recipes for a variety of things. You can set one to take a post you make to Facebook and automatically share it to Twitter. You can star an email and IFTTT will then save it to Evernote. You can even use it for personal as well as business and simplify your life.

Focusbooster. Utilizing the Pomodoro Technique (LINK TO BLOG), this app helps you stay focused for 25-minute work sessions followed by short breaks. Sessions are automatically recorded, and Focusbooster has an easy to navigate dashboard that helps you visualize your productivity.

Quip. When working on a document with a team, you can spend time emailing it back and forth, processing edits, and hour-long meetings to explain what needs to be changed. This is where Quip can help with your productivity. This app combines documents, spreadsheets, and even a team chat in one convenient place.

Slack. A key to productivity at work is clear communication, and spending hours sending emails back and forth and returning missed phone calls is a clear drain on your time. Slack utilizes channels for communication that can be specified by topic, project, or client. It includes video calls, direct messages, file sharing, plus connects to other apps you use regularly like Google Drive.

Staying productive at work can be simplified with technology which will keep you focused and organized. Take this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s free Productivity Assessment to see how productive you are at work!

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