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Organizing Solutions – 6 New Products

I attended the annual NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference in the unexpectedly chilly San Diego earlier this month.  In addition to the motivating and educational keynotes and workshops, one of the highlights of each year’s conference is the product expo.  Once again, the array of companies exhibiting didn’t disappoint with their organizing solutions for both New York homes and offices.  As you will note, there are some truly unique and environmentally friendly offerings in this group.

Nack It Labeling SystemNACKit! is a re-fillable, re-usable labeling system that is perfect for identifying the contents of a box or storage container when organizing NYC closets, your office or packing to move.  This system is sold in kits containing self-adhesive pockets and cards which are used to itemize the contents of each box and can be easily replaced as the contents change.  The kits are customized for specific uses such as moves, home, office, the holidays and more.

tote buddyThe Tote Buddy is made out of 100% recyclable materials and neatly organizes and stores re-usable shopping bags so that they are readily available.  It is the perfect organizing solution for these bags as it’s easy to carry, can be stored in a closet or your car and can hold up to 10 bags.  The Tote Buddy not only makes it very easy to have your re-usable bags at hand, but also helps you do your part for the environment.

The GRID-IT is a versatile organizing system which allows you to creatively organize personal items, digital devices, small tools, and GRID-ITa host of other articles so that they will be accessible.   A unique weave of rubberized bands hold the items firmly in place on the rubberized platform.  Once it’s loaded up, the GRID-IT can be placed in a handbag, tool box, or other type of container.  Four sample GRID-Its are pictured.

Filertek Dry Erase Hanging Tabs provides an easier, faster and environmentally friendly waFilerteky to maintain your files. When it’s time to change or update the name of a file simply open the file tab’s clear cover, erase the file name, write the new file name with the supplied dry erase pen and close the clear cover. No more searching for paper tabs when organizing your NYC home or office files!

The LifeSTYLE File Tote combines the elegance of a handbag with the convenience of a file box.  It holds letter-size hanging files, stands upright on your desk/floor/car seat and has handles for easy portability. This box is the perfect organizing solution for someone who works at multiple locations, uses their car as a mobile office or doesn’t have a designated workspace. Just be sure to implement our top paper filing tips to keep your File Tote organized!

SendOutCards is a unique online greeting card system which enables you to quickly and easily send personalized, printed greeting cards to clients and prospects. In addition to using this system for client follow-ups and sending thank-you notes for new business or referrals, it can also be integrated into your annual marketing campaigns.

If you tried any of these products, or you have any other product recommendations for this NYC Professional Organizer, please share your comments.

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