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Chocolate Babka and Organizing Your Home Office

Believe it or not, there are similarities between these 2 projects…. finding the best chocolate babka and organizing your home office. Both involve a series of tasks and dedication to achieving a goal. First the goal, it has to be a very specific. In terms of the babka, our objective was to identify 6 bakeries… Continue Reading »

How To Transform Your Garage Into a Workshop

If you work from home, you know how important it is to create an organized workspace conducive to your productivity. No one works well when sitting in a cluttered area, and your surroundings often influence your mindset. If your workspace is the garage, there are ways to utilize the space in more beneficial ways. This… Continue Reading »

Top Methods of Improving the Lighting in Your Workspace

Whether the light at an office is natural, artificial, brilliant and blue, or dim and yellow, the type of light in an office space has an impact on employees’ moods, circadian cycles, and physical health, as well as their productivity and creativity. However, with so many different light colors and fixtures to choose from, determining… Continue Reading »

Why Have a Place for Everything in Your Workspace

While you may have heard the expression “a place for everything and everything in its place”, you might not have completely embraced the underlying message. This isn’t only about having a pristine supply closet with all the paper neatly stacked and all the pens sorted by type and stored in appropriately sized containers. Yes, assigning… Continue Reading »

The Importance of Proper Cable Management

No matter what the intention of the space is, an area with clutter can cause an unnecessary increase in stress. Clutter can also bog down productivity, which you especially want to avoid in work areas. Your cable setup is one component of your workspace that’s quick to cause visual chaos if you don’t carefully manage… Continue Reading »

How to Organize a Home Office – Case Study

My client, who is the creative director for a dance company, wanted a more efficient and organized home office but… how to organize a home office was the issue. She had a dedicated home office space all set-up but couldn’t work comfortably at the desk. The problem? Piles of paperwork that had collected over the… Continue Reading »