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Four Tax Paperwork Tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC

It’s that time of year again… are you ready to file your taxes? Gathering the necessary paperwork and documents for your tax appointment can be a stressful task. As a Professional Organizer in NYC who helps clients organize paperwork, I see this struggle every year. Instead of having a plan in place to keep tax… Continue Reading »

Tips for Organizing Paperwork at Year’s End

Do you know what to do with your files from last year? Not everything needs to be saved, and the files are probably taking up valuable real estate in your office. Instead of putting new 2017 files into an already overflowing filing cabinet, follow this Professional Organizer in NYC’s tips for organizing paperwork from the… Continue Reading »

Tips to Organize Paperwork in Your Home Office

Keeping your paperwork organized is a crucial step to part of your work day. If you aren’t able to locate important files or documents when you need them, you’ll start missing deadlines and you will spend your time searching for items instead of working on them. Organizing paperwork is even more important when you are working from a… Continue Reading »

3 Most Common Challenges When Organizing Paperwork

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to organizing paperwork at work. But often despite our best effort, we are left digging through the piles of paper that have overtaken our desk and losing valuable time due to the paper clutter. This Professional Organizer in NYC has seen it firsthand and has noted that many… Continue Reading »

Quick Filing Tips From the Professional Organizer in NYC

Let’s talk about filing. Even if your incoming paper management system is organized and efficient, if you don’t have a clear filing system in place, you will struggle with finding documents when you need them. After a document is filed away it’s easy to forget where you may have stored it. Without a clearly labeled system, you’ll find… Continue Reading »

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