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The Risks of Not Shredding Your Documents

All commercial businesses should be aware of the risks of not shredding your documents once their retention schedule indicates it’s time to do so. As long as you follow these established business practices, you can avoid running into these problems. It Can Lead To Legal Troubles The biggest issues are related to the risks of… Continue Reading »

Organizing Paperwork Case Study: Getting It Done Virtually

The everyone works from home world that we currently live in has not only placed an emphasis on the need to declutter the seldom used desk in your home office but to also organize paperwork and your filing system.  I recently worked with a retired executive on organizing paperwork in her personal files and we… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Organizer Advises on Closet & Paper Organizing

I was featured in the Spring is the Perfect Time for a Closet Cleanse segment on closet organizing that aired on WABC-TV News in NYC on May 15. I was honored to have been asked to work on this closet organizing project by the NYC affiliate. My client is a single mom who lost control… Continue Reading »