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2020 Office Organizing Resolutions

It’s that time of year – everyone is talking about their New Year’s Resolutions and making lists of goals they hope to accomplish in 2020. On most people’s lists again this year? Getting (or staying) organized! As is our tradition at The Organizing Zone, this NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing 8 possible office organizing goals to include on your list for the new year.

2020 – New Year’s Office Organizing Resolutions

  1. I will stop trying to manage time, and instead focus on managing myself and my tasks – first by prioritizing my tasks each day, and then by delegating and outsourcing tasks that don’t require my expertise.
  2. I will spend less time in my email inbox by scheduling time to process emails – and then sticking to it!
  3. I will practice saying “no” as a time management tool. Tasks, meetings, participating in panels – if it’s NOT contributing to my goals this year, then I will have to say no.
  4. I will work towards reducing my office paper use, and take steps towards becoming a more paperless office.
  5. I will eliminate the social media clutter by removing apps from my phone and scheduling time for social media use so I can stay productive during my workday.
  6. I will improve productivity by utilizing a calendar and to-do list every day – no matter what!
  7. I will eliminate distractions and create firm boundaries so that I can stay focused during my workday – including scheduling specific blocks of time during my day for meetings and phone calls, and follow my anti-distraction strategies when I need to focus.
  8. I will more effectively communicate with my colleagues, clients, and co-workers by improving focus during our conversations and following up appropriately.

Pick the office organizing goals that are important to you and add them to your own list! Then make sure you join our email list (link) this year so you get updates on how to put these goals into action. For more inspiration, you can check out our previous lists: 2017, 2018, and 2019.

And for more hands-on office organizing strategies and support to reach your office organizing goals, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer!

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