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2019 Office Organizing New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Is keeping your office organized on your list of New Year’s resolutions this year? It is for many people, and it’s a great time to get focused and make some changes so that you can enjoy a more productive workspace. Keeping the tradition from 2017 and 2018, your NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing her list of suggested office organizing goals to inspire you to take action and create an efficient and organized office this year.

2019 Office Organizer New Year’s Resolutions

1. I will reduce the excess “stuff” in my office by limiting my online shopping to only what I really need.

2. I will use my calendar to schedule calls, meetings, and projects so that I can meet deadlines and not get stuck in the cycle of “too busy.”

3. I will explore office organizing strategies, such as Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method, to find one that fits my needs and business.

4. I will make sure that my office has a disaster preparedness plan in place and that the staff knows and understands what to do in case of an emergency.

5. I will stay focused at work and implement strategies so that I can stay focused despite what is going on in my personal life or on the world stage.

6. I will improve my productivity at work by supporting screen-time boundaries during the work day and tech-free lunch breaks so that tech addiction doesn’t become a drain on my productivity.

7. I will enjoy office organizing by turning it into a game so that I can overcome procrastination and take action in my workspace.

8. I will create and utilize a system of paper organizing in my home office so that I can work productively from home without feeling overwhelmed by paper clutter.

Adapt some of these office organizing New Year’s resolutions into your plan for 2019 and watch your productivity at work improve! For more hands-on office organizing this year, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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