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Eliminating Clutter from Your NYC Files, Calendar & To Do List

Clearing the excess stuff that clutters our furniture and fills our closets is important and a component of spring cleaning.  This is a  concept should be applied to the systems and processes that are utilized to keep the rest of our NYC homes and our offices organized and functioning efficiently.  Periodically assessing the systems in our NYC homes and offices (possibly tied into change of season) and eliminating clutter from them makes them more streamlined and effective.

Here are some ways to do so:

Files – Once you have sorted  paperwork that has collected in your NYC office or home over the past few months, it’s time to organize office paperwork into a file pile or discard one. However, filing can take longer than necessary if the drawers are jam packed and the folder labeling is not clear.  This is a good time to organize NYC office paperwork by pulling completed project files out of your active file cabinet and archive them, discard outdated vendor files from your reference files and archive your 2010 financial files so that you make room for the 2011 information.  While assessing the contents of each file drawer, keep an eye out for labels that are no longer legible and need replacing.

To Do LTo do listist – Eliminating clutter in your NYC office doesn’t only apply to physical stuff.  Take a good look at the tasks on your to do list and identify the ones that have been on the list week after week and have yet to be addressed.  Clear the list of all of the tasks that may be worth doing at some point but clearly aren’t essential.  If you feel that some of these tasks have merit and should possibly be tackled at a later date, put them on a “future projects list” and then put a note in your calendar to re-assess their viability in 3 months.  All of the tasks remaining on the list should be in line with your current goals.

Institute New Systems – This is a good time to check up on your systems and make sure that they are working effectively.  If not, they should be tweaked or possibly replaced with ones which will be more effective.  The following are telltale signs that a new or improved system may be required:  piles of unopened mail, stacks of unread magazines, a drawer full of  business cards or papers that need to be filed piled on every surface.

Calendar – If your days are booked from morning until night, this is a great opportunity to re-assess how your time is being spent to ensure that you have a good balance between what you have to do and what you want to do.   Clear your schedule of unnecessary meetings, carve out blocks of time to focus on key projects and for daily tasks and leave time for the unexpected.  If need be, evaluate the tasks that need to be done and determine the amount of time required to complete them.  With this information in hand, it will be much easier to schedule your day.

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