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Procrastinating in NYC? Time Management Skills from Your NYC Professional Organizer Help

organize time management nycWe have all been there.  Seated at our desk with a laundry list of tasks that need to be addressed but we just can’t seem to get started on that day’s top priority.  As we sit gazing at organizing solutions detailed in the task list in front of us, our much tested NYC organizing and time management skills are just not kicking in as we are distracted by trivial tasks that delay us from tackling that day’s important priority.  These less important tasks can include everything from getting up to get something else to drink (though we have already exceeded our caffeine quota for the day) to re-reading the newspaper to doing an online search for next year’s possible vacation destinations.  In many cases, our inability to get started is rooted in procrastination which can be defined as the intentional or continual postponement of a task that needs to be addressed immediately.

As we are usually aware of when procrastination is impacting our ability to address a particular task, applying one or more of the following NYC Professional Organizer approved solutions can help get you started.

-Identify the type(s) of tasks that tend to be put off and focus on doing one of them at the required frequency over a 21 day period until it becomes a habit.

-Address the dreaded task first thing in the morning before any other task and just get it done.

-Force yourself to start the task… once started, the momentum will keep you going.

-Include time during your prime time (peak energy) for this task.

-Reward yourself for completing the task. For example, go to Starbucks, go out for a short walk, tell a colleague about the completed task.

-If you don’t feel like working on a task, do another small task that will get you going in the right direction and then segue to it.

-Accept that you won’t have more time later and just start the task.

-Assign realistic deadlines to the tasks that you have been postponing and work on them one at a time.

Following these simple tips from your NYC Professional Organizer will help you kick procrastination to the curb!

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