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Decluttering Tips for Your Office Space and Your Business

  Clutter keeps you inefficient and overwhelmed, and clutter in your office space and inside your business is no exception! It’s hard to maintain a level of productivity when you spend a lot of your time weeding through the clutter on your desk to find what you need. This Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing tips to help… Continue Reading »

Tips to Help You Conquer the Clutter and Enjoy it!

Does the idea of starting a decluttering project make you excited? Are you ready to dive in and conquer the clutter? Wait…no? Don’t worry, the idea of decluttering makes many people cringe. It’s often hard to figure out how to start, and it’s not so exciting to spend a day working on household organizing chores. What you need… Continue Reading »

Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen and Bathroom

What’s the one thing that you struggle with most when it comes to organizing your home? Most people will probably agree – it’s what to do with the clutter! We all accumulate so much stuff and if we don’t find a home for it right away, it can quickly pile up and we lose control of our… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC’s 5 Favorite Organizing Products from the NAPO Conference

  I have just returned from Los Angeles where I attended the 30th NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference. One focus of the conference was shared during the opening keynote address by The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. As a result of a series of life events, they both decided to significantly… Continue Reading »

How to Declutter Your Digital Life with the Professional Organizer in NYC

  You know what it’s like – you come home after a long day at work, sit down on the couch, pull out your phone or tablet and you glance through Facebook, your email, a news site. Maybe you pop open your laptop to get some work done and you have three browser screens open,… Continue Reading »

How to Declutter Your Bookshelves

  Let’s talk about bookshelves. Overstuffed bookshelves can quickly become an eyesore, and we are often left a bit clueless on how to handle it. It can be hard to think about parting with our well-loved books, so often we ignore that subject altogether. After all, what if we want to read them again someday?… Continue Reading »