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Working from Home…Managing Work and Life

It has been over a month of everyone working from home and our former routines being put on pause. As I think of the routines that are now part of my daily life, I realize that my work/life balance is more in balance. As a NYC professional office organizer, I have always had a home… Continue Reading »

Easy Ways to Make Your Workplace Safe

For most people in the U.S. right now, their workplace is drastically different from what it was three months ago. Even while conducting business from your home office, you should still be thinking about good safety procedures. By paying attention to these easy ways to make your workplace safe, you can create the best at-home… Continue Reading »

Then There Were 2…Working from Home

Since starting my business, I have always worked from home. I applied the same home office organizing strategies, that I use as a NYC Professional Officer Organizer, to my own space. I have a designated desk (that I share with my husband during non-work hours), a file cabinet nearby and my surplus office and organizing… Continue Reading »

Organizing NYC Home Office – Makeover Completed

My NYC home office is organized and the makeover is finally complete!  As with many home office organizing projects in NYC, it took longer than I would have liked but the end result was well worth the wait.  I experienced many of the same challenges that my clients face when tackling their home office or… Continue Reading »