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4 Digital Problems to Declutter Immediately

Working in this digital age means that you probably spend most of your time in front of a computer screen. We know that clutter is a real problem in offices, but we don’t often equate clutter to our digital life. The truth is, there is hidden clutter all over your computer! Here are this NYC… Continue Reading »

How To Organize Your Computer Files

If you had to find a document that you downloaded to your computer, would you be able to locate it quickly? Or would you have to search and search, trying to remember what it was called and where it was stored? When it comes to locating important documents at work, having a clear system in… Continue Reading »

Try These Time Management Tech Tools

Managing your tasks and implementing time management strategies can be so much easier due to the variety of tech tools and apps that are available. Each is designed for a different purpose, but all have the same ultimate goal of improving productivity. Here’s a list of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s suggested tech tools for… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Must Try Tech Tools

The beginning of the year is a great chance to add new technology to your business practices. Office organizing begins with efficiently managing your tasks, and when working with a team or on the go, office organizing apps and programs become even more essential. Here are four apps this NYC Professional Office Organizer urges you… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Tech Tools for Productivity

Staying productive at work is on everyone’s to-do list. By utilizing apps and programs designed to help you stay focused and organized at work, you can improve your productivity each day. Here are some of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s favorite tech tools to boost productivity. Flipboard. If part of your job requires you to… Continue Reading »

Strategies to Minimize Digital Clutter at Work – Part 1

When most of your work day requires the use of technology, it’s no surprise that the physical clutter in your office space has evolved to now include clutter in your digital space. Before you tackle the digital clutter, it’s important to understand how an organized digital space can improve your productivity. Focus – Just like… Continue Reading »