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Embrace the Quiet at Work this Time of Year to Implement Office Organizing Ideas

  Hopefully, you were able to get a day or two off on or around Christmas. And hopefully it was truly restful! A lot of us wind up back at work between that holiday and the next – New Year’s! – and knowing how to make the most of these days can be a challenge…. Continue Reading »

Tips for a Successful Office Move

So, you’ve gotten serious enough about your upcoming office move to be looking at a blog about it. As an NYC professional organizer, I like to reward effort like that among my clients and readers, and so let’s get started. I’ll be providing a series of office move tips that constitute what people call “tips,”… Continue Reading »

A Bad Day at Work – Preparing for Disaster in NYC

As my regular readers are aware, I have been focusing of late on the upcoming America’s PrepareAthon and national preparedness month. As a professional organizer in NYC, I consider it part of my job description to assist my readers and clients to prepare for disasters, including those that take place during the workday. Remember: Fail… Continue Reading »

A NYC Professional Organizer’s 5 Favorite Organizing Products

I recently spent 4 days with my organizing colleagues in Scottsdale at the annual NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference.  As you might expect… it was a very well organized event with time allotted for attending workshops, hearing inspirational keynote addresses, networking, touring the product expo and of course food and drink. As has… Continue Reading »

Don’t Forget These Home Organizing Tips As You Prep for Vacation

As you prepare for your vacation, it can be hard to focus on what you’ll be leaving behind as you look forward to the exciting destinations ahead. However, taking some time to put these home organizing tips into action prior to your trip can save you a lot of headaches upon your return! Security is… Continue Reading »

5 Creative Paper Organizing Solutions Inspired by Pinterest

One website that is easy to become utterly lost in is Pinterest. A great inspirational tool, and also chock full of creative, out of the box home and office organizing ideas, our NYC Professional Organizer highly recommends perusing the different “pins” on Pinterest. Here are five creative paper organizing solutions, which were all found all… Continue Reading »