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Decluttering Tips for Your Office Space and Your Business

  Clutter keeps you inefficient and overwhelmed, and clutter in your office space and inside your business is no exception! It’s hard to maintain a level of productivity when you spend a lot of your time weeding through the clutter on your desk to find what you need. This Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing tips to help… Continue Reading »

Streamline Your Office Paperwork with Tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC

  Paperwork management in an office setting is a very important task. Whether you are coordinating paperwork for just yourself or for a larger team, you often are dealing with important documents and papers that you cannot afford to lose. Often paperwork ends up in piles on desks and bookshelves because an appropriate filing system has not been… Continue Reading »

Time Management on the Job

  We spend at least 8 hours a day at work, and often have a long list of to-do’s waiting for us before we even make it through the door. We often feel like we need to work harder in order to complete everything or that we need to have more hours in a day…. Continue Reading »

Mastering the Email Mountain – Tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC

Even though our phones keep us well connected, many of us dread returning to the office after being away as there is still a mountain of emails requiring attention. What was supposed to be a convenience has become a burden to many. But it is possible to keep your emails in order, and not let… Continue Reading »

Valuable Real Estate – Your Desk!

  What drives real estate prices up? When there is more demand for space than there is space available. Nowhere is that more true than with that small but precious piece of real estate known as Your Desk. If you consider how much disorganization slows you down, and creates anxiety as well, then you will… Continue Reading »

Embrace the Quiet at Work this Time of Year to Implement Office Organizing Ideas

  Hopefully, you were able to get a day or two off on or around Christmas. And hopefully it was truly restful! A lot of us wind up back at work between that holiday and the next – New Year’s! – and knowing how to make the most of these days can be a challenge…. Continue Reading »