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Organize Doctor’s Office – Paper Organizing & Management

The contents of every space should be reviewed periodically and the excess clutter and unwanted paperwork collected. Regular, systematized paper organizing is key to keeping your filing systems effective and efficient. As it is very easy to overlook this task, it is extremely important to book time on the calendar for it that coincides with other… Continue Reading »

Organize Doctor’s Office – Paper Organizing Done

As in any project, the hardest part is getting started.  Once you have gotten past that hurdle, the project starts to take on a life of its own and momentum builds.  This is exactly what happened with the paper organizing and filing portion of this project.  As we started the process of adding the 16 shelves of… Continue Reading »

Organize Doctor’s Office – Organizing Files

Yesterday it was time to get to work organizing files in the patient archive and get it into shape.  We had to start by purging all of the older files that no longer needed to be kept – the first step of organizing files in any office.  While there is a retention guideline established, time… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Tips for Doctor’s Office – Supplies Returned

Great news yesterday….we were able to get the vendor to agree to pick up 5 cartons of surplus, unused medical supplies. Keeping only what you need on hand is one of my top office organizing tips – surplus often leads to clutter!   We now have some clear floor space to stack the cartons of… Continue Reading »

Organizing Doctor’s Office

I just started a project for a local physician , who contacted me after recognizing his need for assistance from an NYC Professional Office Organizer. In addition to his office space where he sees patients, he has  2 additional offices in the same building.  One is for storing archived files and records and the other use… Continue Reading »