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Paperwork Organizing Strategies for Your Receipts

Whether it’s preparing for tax season or just clearing the clutter from your desk and briefcase, having a system in place to help process receipts is essential. Not only can they pile up, but it’s so easy to misplace an important receipt and that can really come back to haunt you later on. A system… Continue Reading »

4 Strategies for Keeping Your Office Paperwork Organized

Keeping your office paperwork organized is an essential part of staying productive. If you are constantly searching for misplaced files or having to double back and find things needed to complete a project, you are wasting crucial time that could otherwise be used to get the work done. A decrease in productivity can mean missed… Continue Reading »

Tech Tools Make Organizing Office Paperwork Easier

Are you overwhelmed by paperwork? If you head into the office each day and are met by an overflowing pile of files, receipts, and random documents overtaking your desk, then you are probably also struggling with productivity. Meeting deadlines and working efficiently relies on anorganized office space where paperwork you need to complete a task… Continue Reading »

Keep Paperwork Organized With These Office Tools

One of the biggest struggles with keeping paper organized at work is what to actually do with it all! Once you start leaving piles of paper around your office, the piles will multiply and suddenly your office is overflowing with them and you can’t find anything you need. You know you don’t want to drown… Continue Reading »

It’s Tax Season – Get Your Paperwork Organized

It’s that time again… tax season is starting! Are you ready for it? This NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing some important steps you can take to get ready for this tax season as well as how to get a jumpstart on next year. WHAT TO DO NOW Start with a List The first step… Continue Reading »

My Favorite Strategies for Organizing Paperwork

Organizing paperwork is probably one of the most common challenges people face when trying to keep their offices organized. Papers quickly piles up. Without systems in place to manage them, they can fast become an overwhelming mess of clutter. I’ve compiled some of my favorite blogs on the subject of getting your paperwork organized and… Continue Reading »