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Cleaning Out When the Kids Are Grown

Childhood artwork circa 1990. Lego creations from the same era. Hockey trophies and baseball cards. Projects for which the grade was “A” and homework assignments that were deemed incomplete. Nintendo systems and Game Boys too and boxes and boxes of memorabilia, most tattered and scarcely recognizable. Ask most parents and they will sigh and wearily… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Organizer Says Don’t Let Winter Get You Down!

As your NYC professional organizer, I don’t have to tell you that the days have gotten shorter and the weather colder, and while some people seem to remain cheerful in the face of winter weather, there are many that experience a case of the winter blues. For most it’s not so bad or at least… Continue Reading »

Give the Gift of Organization! Soaking in the Scents of the Season!

Your NYC Professional Organizer lives to create order out of chaos.  Whether it is organizing an office, a move, or the extension cords under your desk, your NYC Professional Organizer is here to inspire and help you and all my clients and readers to a clutter-free, stress-free existence.  But even I know that one cannot… Continue Reading »

Embrace the Quiet at Work this Time of Year to Implement Office Organizing Ideas

  Hopefully, you were able to get a day or two off on or around Christmas. And hopefully it was truly restful! A lot of us wind up back at work between that holiday and the next – New Year’s! – and knowing how to make the most of these days can be a challenge…. Continue Reading »

Give the Gift of Organization… NYC Professional Organizer Approved Gifts for Your Desk!

December is upon us, and we are all gearing up for the holidays.  One of the last, most stressful, down-to-the-last-minute tasks everyone has at this time of year is Gift Hunting.  So this month, your NYC Professional Organizer has a few ideas for giving your loved ones the gift of organization.  And, as you yourself… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Ideas to Get Holiday Ready!

So, it’s the holidays, and you’re going to be enjoying a little time off. That is, if you can get everything done at the office first! The push to get everything finished before holiday vacation can be extremely challenging, and so as your NYC professional organizer my job is to make it a little bit… Continue Reading »