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Stress Less: Home Organizing Tips for the Holidays Part 2

In our last blog post, we shared home organizing tips and tricks from our NYC Professional Organizer for making the busiest of holiday seasons less overwhelming and hectic. With all those festive gatherings of family and friends comes extra food preparations, gift buying, preparing overnight accommodations, and so much more – the list can be… Continue Reading »

Home Office Organizing Ideas for the Holiday Season

So, it’s the holidays, and you’ve got at least a modicum more time than usual. Now is the perfect opportunity to make a little headway on tuning up that home office of yours. Home office organizing ideas for the holiday season are exactly what today’s blog is about. As an NYC professional organizer, I see… Continue Reading »

Learn What to Throw Away During Your Office Move

As you gear up for that big – and always potentially stressful – office move: here’s a tip from your NYC professional organizer to take seriously: the less you actually move, the better it is going to go. The more you see your move like Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill, or even Atlas… Continue Reading »

Ready, Set, MOVE! Tips for Your Home or Office Move

This month, we are going to focus on the Olympics of Home and Office Organization — MOVING. For the next four weeks your NYC Professional Organizer will share strategies and tips to make your move much less stressful, and much more successful. Today we will focus on the most important part of a stress-free home… Continue Reading »

Home & Office Moves Made Easy with Apps

As an NYC professional organizer, I have some good technology tips for your next move, be it an office move or a residential one.   Indeed, I work with clients to facilitate moves on a frequent basis, and would be more than happy to provide support during your home or office move! Who couldn’t use… Continue Reading »

Our NYC Professional Organizer States: Simple Form of Technology is a Bright Idea

As an NYC professional organizer, it’s my job to look at the big picture and the tiniest details for my clients, as well as in my own life. And this month I’ve been doing just that when it comes to technology. We’ve looked at dealing with personal electronic devices, how to manage email, avoiding “cord… Continue Reading »