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Mastering the Art of Children’s Artwork: Our NYC Professional Organizer’s Tips for managing the steady stream of artwork

Most parents struggle with what to do with all their children’s artwork. Particularly in NYC apartments, space is an issue, and those masterpieces have a way of engulfing the refrigerator. These masterpieces start to create clutter. You are pleased to see your child’s creations, but there is only so much space to display it all!… Continue Reading »

Simple Tips from Our NYC Professional Organizer to Declutter Your Life

As we are now well into May, you’ve likely completed your spring cleaning, but this season offers us so much more than an excuse to deep clean our homes and offices. Spring is the catalyst for transitions in our lives. Our NYC Professional Organizer urges you to take this opportunity to examine your personal and… Continue Reading »

How can You Prepare for & Be Organized for a Disaster?

Perhaps you’ve thought about organizing a disaster preparedness plan for your family, but you never followed through. Maybe it hasn’t been a priority… As a Professional Organizer in NYC, I’m here to share that it will never be the right time, or make it to the top of your list of priorities, until it’s too… Continue Reading »

Four Back-to-School Organizing Tips

It’s the start of a new term, and that means a renewed focus on organizing for the school year. Learn from last year’s successes and mistakes.  Give thought to creating a dedicated work space or organized home office type space for doing your school work so that you will have your best – and most organized… Continue Reading »

Organizing NYC Home Office Files

One of the last tasks that I addressed as part of my own home office makeover was to organize the files in my NYC home office so that I could quickly locate key paperwork when needed. I resisted the temptation to stuff folders in the file drawers in a random fashion so that I could… Continue Reading »

Organizing NYC Home Office – Makeover Completed

My NYC home office is organized and the makeover is finally complete!  As with many home office organizing projects in NYC, it took longer than I would have liked but the end result was well worth the wait.  I experienced many of the same challenges that my clients face when tackling their home office or… Continue Reading »