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My Favorite Paper Organizing Tips to Make Filing Easier from Professional Organizer in NYC

What do you do when it comes to the paper organizing tasks in your office? Do you tackle them head on or do you avoid the piles until you need to find an important document? For many people, it’s the later. This means stacks of unsorted documents collect on your desk creating a cluttered appearance… Continue Reading »

4 Tips for Organizing Paperwork in Your Home Office

Working from a home office comes with many advantages, but it also has its fair share of challenges. One such challenge is organizing paperwork. Juggling both business documents and personal documents can be a struggle, especially in a shared space. Having a system in place to deal with the business and personal documents is a… Continue Reading »

Top 5 Paper Organizing Products From A Professional Organizer in NYC

Keeping the paper clutter at bay in your office is no small feat. With so many paper organizing products available to you, where do you start? Here are this Professional Organizer in NYC’s favorite products to help you get your office documents and files organized. Mobile phone scanning apps. There are many options, both free… Continue Reading »

The Solution to Organizing Paperwork in the Office

There is one simple solution that will make all the difference to managing the overwhelming paper clutter in your office. Here’s a hint… when new documents find their way onto your desk, where do they end up? Are they tossed into a pile in the center of your desk, or are they thrown haphazardly into… Continue Reading »

Four Tax Paperwork Tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC

It’s that time of year again… are you ready to file your taxes? Gathering the necessary paperwork and documents for your tax appointment can be a stressful task. As a Professional Organizer in NYC who helps clients organize paperwork, I see this struggle every year. Instead of having a plan in place to keep tax… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC’s Tips for Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

As the last days of January are upon us, it’s the perfect time to check the progress that you have made in addressing your resolutions for this year. Was creating an organized workspace on your list as it is for many? Regardless of what your resolutions may be, the challenge is typically that we don’t… Continue Reading »