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Tips to Stay Productive in Your Home Office

Do you have a hard time staying productive when you are working from home? You aren’t alone! The truth is that working from home can be challenging. Dealing with distractions, household responsibilities, and trying to still get work done by your deadlines is not an easy feat. However, with some changes to your routine it’s… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer Case Study: Creating a Dedicated Home Office

Working from home without a designated office space can be overwhelming! It’s difficult to stay focused and productive when you are leaving a trail of papers, reports and supplies in your wake as you move from the table to the sofa to the bed. Having a dedicated space solely for your business is essential, and… Continue Reading »

Tips for a Clutter Free Home Office

Keeping your home office organized is important for your productivity and efficiency. When you work from home, you already are faced with the challenge of staying productive despite all the distractions such as family members talking, the television blasting, or the pile of laundry needing attention. Couple those distractions with a cluttered office space and you have a… Continue Reading »

Preserving Family Memories with 4 Home Office Organization Ideas

  With Grandparent’s Day just taking place this past Sunday, you may be reminiscing about some of your special family memories. In fact, you may even be thinking about what to do with those old boxes of photos, or dusty picture albums, that you haven’t looked at in years, which are currently cluttering your home… Continue Reading »