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Organizing Projects: How to Organize Your Handbag

All of the current quarantine and social distancing happening across the country due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) have many people looking for projects to do to vary how their time is spent at home. There’s probably a long list of organizing projects you’ve been putting off waiting until you had more time to get them… Continue Reading »

Organizing Strategies to Limit Your Use of Paper at Work

According to The Paperless Project, paper in the average business grows by 22% a year. This means that the amount of paper used in your office will double in 3.3 years if you don’t take steps to start curbing your paper usage right away. But where do you start? You need a plan to organize… Continue Reading »

2020 Office Organizing Resolutions

It’s that time of year – everyone is talking about their New Year’s Resolutions and making lists of goals they hope to accomplish in 2020. On most people’s lists again this year? Getting (or staying) organized! As is our tradition at The Organizing Zone, this NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing 8 possible office organizing… Continue Reading »

2019: An Office Organizing Year in Review

Can you believe that 2019 has come to an end? As we celebrate the last few days of the year, this NYC Professional Office Organizer is taking a look back at some of our hot topics and most shared blog articles over 2019. Using Music to Stay Focused at Work Do you listen to music… Continue Reading »

Find the Best Cloud Solution for Your Business

Like many small companies you probably use Cloud storage in your business or considering additional options. The benefits of this technology are numerous as are the programs and applications on the market. When it comes to office organizing, being able to store and backup your files as well as sharing and collaborating with your team… Continue Reading »