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Use Tech Tools to Get Organized at Work

The beginning of the year is a good time to change up how you are managing tasks and processes. One solution that is increasing in popularity is to add new technology to your business practices. Office organizing begins with efficiently managing your tasks, and when working with a team or on the go, office organizing… Continue Reading »

3 Small Office Organizing Shifts For Big Impact

The general idea of “organizing your office” is big and vague. It’s not very specific so it can is overwhelming to think about all the tasks you need to do to get organized! Instead of focusing on that larger concept, focus on the small daily shifts you can make which will have a big impact… Continue Reading »

3 Time-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Running a small business is a bit like raising a child. Each require near-constant attention from you especially during the early stages, monopolizing your valuable time and energy. However, as a child and your company…which you may think of in the same way…grow needs change. Hence, the types of tasks that filled your to-do list… Continue Reading »

Next Steps to Crushing Your 2020 Office Organizing Goals

After you’ve created your list of office organizing goals for this new year, now it’s time to take action! What should you do to get started? How can you be sure this isn’t one of those resolutions that you abandon by mid-February? Your NYC Professional Office Organizer shares the next steps you should take to… Continue Reading »

How a Professional Office Organizer Prepares for the New Year

What does a professional office organizer do in her own office to prepare for time off for the holidays and to be ready to kickstart the new year? I try to walk the talk… and practice some of the very strategies that I share with my clients. Needless to say, I face the same challenges… Continue Reading »

A Wardrobe Organizing Strategy for a Smart, Chic Look

Take command and create a wardrobe organizing strategy. With plenty of clothes in your closet, what percentage do you really wear?  As a wardrobe stylist, I’ve found that most women wear only 10% of the items in their wardrobe. Ouch! That means 90% of the clothes hanging in your closet takes up valuable space and… Continue Reading »