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How to Organize Electronics in Your Home Office

In today’s world, many people find themselves running a business from home or working for a company that allows telecommuting. This means that your home office is taking on more of a business purpose than just keeping your household bills and files organized. Working from home requires technology, and in order to stay efficient and productive, this technology… Continue Reading »

4 Tips When Traveling with Electronics

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, traveling with electronics can be quite the task. As most electronic gadgets are fairly expensive, you need to take precautions to keep them safe so you can avoid unnecessary costs down the road. Taking the time to organize your technology with these top four tips from this Professional Organizer in NYC will… Continue Reading »

Tech Tools to Keep You Organized in the Office

With the integration of smart phones and tablets into our daily lives, we have fountains of knowledge and tools at our fingertips! This Professional Organizer in NYC wants you to take advantage of all of the tools available to you so that you can be more productive and efficient in the office. Calendars: Whether or not you keep… Continue Reading »

Tips for Organizing Your Computer Files

Have you ever spent time frantically searching through your computer files to locate a specific document? Do you end up downloading multiple copies of documents that have been sent to you because you can’t find the original? If this has been you, then you need these office organizing tips to create a computer filing system. This Professional Organizer… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Tips to Beat the Cord Clutter

Take a quick peek under and around your desk. Do you have cords and cables coming out from every angle? Are they twisted and tangled? Is it easy for you to decipher which cord belongs to which electronic device? Not only is this situation aesthetically unpleasing, it can be downright frustrating to unplug or move any of your… Continue Reading »

Prepare for a Disaster Using Social Media and Technology

Our world is a different place today than it was 20 years ago. With social media and technology at our fingertips, you are never far from accessing the latest information. This is never more true than in the face of a disaster. Whether you are dealing with a fire in your home or office, or something on a… Continue Reading »